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My name is Laura, and I am:

a content strategist, fiction writer, storyteller, yogi, swimmer, lover of pickled anything.

My first poem was published at age 7 in The Buffalo News.
My first national line of copy was on a SUBWAY® cup. 

I've been an agency and in-house copywriter and content strategist for 5 years. I love crafting compelling stories that engage audiences, collaborating with product teams to create simple and human experiences, and establishing content standards for cohesive experiences. I am a writer, editor, leader, and content strategist with a keen eye for detail and a love of narrative arcs. Throughout my career I have become adept at learning new industries and products swiftly. I’m always curious and dig up information in my free time just so I can know more. Taking complex corporate and product-speak to consumer eye-level is my forté. I've worked in tech industries spanning social media, sports, healthcare, and more. Once, I wrote technical documents for a company that fits plumbing for prisons. I never turn down a challenge. Most recently I worked on solving complex problems for small businesses at a big tech company.

I grew up in Buffalo, NY, lived in Ohio while I earned my Bachelor's,  moved to Boston, MA while I earned my MFA from Emerson College, and eventually landed on the West Coast. I'm an East Coast-er at heart with a serious soft spot for the pastoral midwest and am on my journey back home.